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"In his wonderful new book about the history of the camp, Theater Geek, Mickey Rapkin recounts Stagedoor's colorful history and takes us on a backstage tour of the lives of young, real-life drama queens....There are times, even today, when I see a great piece of theater-or my eyes tear up from some visual display of unconditional love-that I cannot help but daydream about going back. And Rapkin's book took me there."—Zach Braff, TV's Scrubs, director of Garden State

“There is a particular genus of teenagers who break into song spontaneously with their friends, know all the words to Rent and/or Wicked, and will do anything for a taste of being onstage in front of an audience. They're called theater geeks, and I am a card-carrying member of their ranks. I'd have killed to go to Stagedoor Manor as a kid. After reading Mickey Rapkin's fascinating, hilarious new book on 'my kind,' I feel like I spent an unforgettable summer there. It's a joyous and touching book. And no one's gonna bring it doooowwwwnn!”—Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights

“If you’re in the market for a field guide to the musical theater fanatic in your life, look no further! If, for any reason, you’re not in the market for such a thing, Mickey Rapkin’s Theater Geek is about to change that. His wonderful journey into the heart of the ‘Stagedoor Mafia’ will make you want to find your very own theater geek to love. Or, at the very least, someone who can appreciate a quality production of Cabaret.”—Sloane Crosley, author of I Was Told There’d Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number

“As a former child actor with my own dashed dreams of fame, I was overcome with envy reading about the enchanted goings-on at Stagedoor Manor. Mickey Rapkin's fascinating account is as much about the details of this quirky theatre camp as it is about how teenagers cope with talent, ambition and that fleeting amount of time before they become adults.”—Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, author of the memoir When Skateboards Will Be Free

“A penetrating and deeply entertaining study of theater and ambition, but more importantly an intimate portrait of youthful obsession. It made me wish I could go back to the time when all my friends thought they would make something beautiful someday.”
—Benjamin Nugent, author of American Nerd: The Story of My People




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